What is the product? PARAM-A is a surprising, new plant bioactivator. It is innocuous to humans, animals, plants and the environment since all its components are natural plant products. 

In the battle against Panama Disease in banana, preventive treatment with PARAM-A activates the natural defence mechanisms of the plant, stimulating the biosynthesis of antibiotics (phytoalexins) when the plant is attacked by the fungus causing the disease, such that the plant mimics the model of incompatible (resistant) banana plant-fungus interaction.


Results The application of PARAM-A to banana produces the following effects:
    Prevention and control of Panama Disease.

    Significantly earlier flowering.

    Increased crop quality and production.

    Longer commercial life of fruit.

Use and dose PARAM-A is a systemic product. It can be applied either via the roots (irrigating) or leaves (spraying) or combined with other plant treatments or fertilizers. The recommended amount for spray treatment is 100-150 cc. of PARAM-A per 100 litres of water. In irrigation, use 0.2 cc. per plant.